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Willow Smith April Fools Day Pranks

Posted by on March 31, 2011 at 3:56 PM EST

willow smith prankWill Willow Smith prank Justin Bieber on April Fools Day?

Is Willow Smith going to use April Fools Day (April 1, 2011) to plan revenge on Justin Bieber? As most of you know by now Bieber pulled one hell of a prank on Willow while they were on tour overseas. Willow (10-year-old daughter of Will Smith) has stated that she will in fact get Mr. Bieber Fever back for his recent trickery.

The question is will Willow Smith use April Fools Day (tomorrow) to plan her revenge? What better way to get Justin Bieber back than with an April Fools Day prank; sounds like a plan to me. With an endless list of pranks on the web, there is no telling what the young Willow will do to Bieber. I just hope that somebody is there to catch the prank on video.

Check back tomorrow to see if Willow Smith did pull an April Fools Day prank on Justin Bieber.



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