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Microsoft Sues Google

Posted by on March 31, 2011 at 11:13 AM EST

google microsoftMicrosoft is going after Google overseas; lawsuit pending?

Microsoft has officially joined the ongoing investigation overseas which says Google has too much dominance over the European search market. Evidently the EU (European Union) has been investigating Google since last year and now, technology giant Microsoft has joined the battle to bring down Google. Looks like someone is mad their search engine (BING) can’t compete with Google.

While Microsoft is not really suing Google, they are now officially involved in a European investigation against Google. Sources overseas say Google is partaking in practices that do not allow other web companies to compete with their search engine. Basically the EU and Microsoft are claiming that Google has a monopoly on the European “search engine” market. Boo hoo, Microsoft joining this investigation is just their attempt to thwart the buzz from Google’s big announcements yesterday (Google Fiber Network and Google Plus One).

As more information regarding the EU and Microsoft vs. Google unfolds, we will report it to you all.



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