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The Real Housewives of Miami Season 2?

Posted by on March 31, 2011 at 10:09 AM EST

real housewives of miami season 2Will Real Housewives of Miami return for a second season?

The season finale of Real Housewives of Miami aired Tuesday night. I am hoping it will be the SERIES finale, but I guess we will have to wait and see. The last episode of the season didn’t reveal anything exciting or leave us hanging on for more.

Real Housewives of Miami started out with Marysol Patton and her mother checking out her wedding photos. Elsa asked the big question all mothers ask 15 seconds after their daughters get married, when are you going to have a baby? Marysol doesn’t seem too anxious to hop on that project. Then Larsa Pippen had a little charity event where Larsa confronted Adriana about ruining her lunch by mentioning again about Cristy Rice not paying for a ticket to Lea’s charity ball. The ladies seem to have divided into small groups, Larsa & Cristy, Lea Black & Adriana Demoura and then Marysol & Alexia Echevarria are the neutral parties.

Unfortunately we had to watch as Adriana and Frederic spread mud all over each other while she was not so subtly asking him when he was going to put a ring on it. He said “you pick the date” which seemed like a stall tactic to me. It is pathetic to see how she tries so hard to use sex to convince him to marry her.  Just when you think the episode of Real Housewives of Miami couldn’t be more uncomfortable, it gets worse. First, Adriana decides to demonstrate her newfound lap dancing skills on him while in tiny lingerie then she had a sexy mini photo shoot with him on her boat. I really could have done without either of these scenes, thank you Bravo.

It is finally Marysol’s turn to host the Real Housewives of Miami dinner party and she invites her mother Elsa in addition to the other ladies in the cast. Larsa says she isn’t into psychics but immediately jumps on Elsa to see what she can read about her and then Larsa doesn’t like the answer. Elsa tells her “you are worried about a man, I can’t talk about it right now, there are too many people around” so Larsa brushes it off and calls Elsa “crazy”, hmmm….I think someone is more sensitive than they want to admit. Elsa continues to tell her things she doesn’t like and says she thinks maybe Elsa is attacking her, possibly because she is younger and better looking than other people there. Ha! Elsa did tell her she was emotionally immature, sounds like she is on point. Ugh, Larsa just doesn’t let it go, she keeps being loud and the whole thing could have blown over but Larsa continued to beat a dead horse ruining Marysol’s party.

Lea decides to throw a luncheon requiring hats, so the ladies get dressed up and Lea drives them to an organic farm and makes them harvest their own herbs. She thought it was hysterical. The ladies were not amused and I can see why. The ladies finish with a group photo and the first season of Real Housewives of Miami comes to a close. There no commercials regarding a reunion show so I really don’t think this group will be resigned. Maybe they will try another city. Real Housewives of Milwaukee? I like it.



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