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Top Chef: Tongue and Cheek Wins!

Posted by on March 31, 2011 at 9:48 AM EST

top chefTop Chef All Stars crowned its winner last night on BRAVO.

Who won Top Chef? Waking up this morning, that is the question on a lot of the Top Chef All Stars fans minds.  It all came down to Richard Blais and Mike Isabella last night in the season finale and both cheftestants were tasked to open their own restaurant. Blais, cleverly called his place “Tongue & Cheek” while Mike went with something like “IZ” or was it “Izzy,” I really can’t remember; awful name. Below I will announce the winner of Top Chef All Stars so DO NOT read any further if you don’t want to find out.

The Top Chef judges had a very difficult decision to make when they had to choose between Richard Blais (Tongue & Cheek) and Michael Isabella (IZ). It all came down to the final minutes of the show when Padma Lakshmi goes “Richard [10 second pause], You Are Top Chef!”

Who won Top Chef All Stars? Richard Blais did and walked away with the title of Top Chef and $200,000. Congratulations!



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  1. Congrats to Richard, but did he really deserve to win? Mike didn’t just deserve to be there, he killed it.

    Mike could have outcooked Tom Colicchio himself and I still don’t think they would have awarded him the title.

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