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James Durbin: Elton John on American Idol!

Posted by on March 30, 2011 at 7:53 PM EST

james durbin elton johnRocker James Durbin tackles Elton John on American Idol tonight.

James Durbin has really started to impress me over the last few weeks on American Idol. We all knew he could hit the high notes and for a while it seemed like he was relying too much on those, but the last few weeks have found him showing that he can really sing and that his voice is strong no matter what the song is. Elton John week should provide him with a song that is right up his alley and will let him really shine.

We can only guess at what song James Durbin will sing tonight on American Idol. As they have been for the past few weeks, the producers have been very hush hush about the rehearsals and the song list. I would like to see James slow things down a little bit and tackle a ballad. We all know he can rock, so let’s see him break it down and do “The Circle of Life.” James Durbin could really bring something different and cool to this song and I think it would be a real challenge for him.

American Idol’s Elton John week airs live tonight at 8PM of FOX. Tune in to see how James Durbin does and what song he ends up singing.



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