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American Idol 2011: Paul McDonald, Stefano Langone

Posted by on March 30, 2011 at 7:55 PM EST

stefano langone elton johnStefano Langone and Paul McDonald gear up for Elton John night on American Idol 2011.

It seems like Paul McDonald and Stefano Langone are a tale of two cities in this season of American Idol. Paul has impressed throughout the competition and even on weeks where he hasn’t been his strongest; his interesting voice, quirky style and likeability have carried him. Stefano seems like he is always on the verge of being voted out. Elton John week should be good for Paul, but may not be so good for Stefano.

I have to admit that I felt the American Idol judges were saving their one save of the season for Stefano Langone. They chose him as a wild card, every week they praise him and yet every week he seems to be near the bottom. Jennifer Lopez can’t stop talking about how good looking she thinks he is so I had this feeling that she was crushing on him bad enough that she would convince the judges to hold their one save and use it on him if needed. Well, as we saw last week that didn’t happen as the judges saved Casey, but Stefano was in the bottom two so he better turn it up this week or it may be the end of the road. I have a feeling he will choose another iconic song that he will butcher this week so I look for Stefano to sing “Candle in the Wind.” It is a big balled and he seems to like these types of songs.

Paul McDonald, on the other hand, should be well served by Elton John week on American Idol. John’s songs are normally in a key that Paul’s voice should be able to handle. I think he will end up doing “Rocket Man” which has just the right mix of soft emotion and rock sensibility that he should be well suited for this one. It seems like people love Paul and I have a feeling he will do very well this week.

Tune in tonight at 8PM to see how Stefano Langone and Paul McDonald perform and what songs they do end up singing.



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