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MTV Video Music Awards: Eminem favorite to win Best Male Video

Posted by on September 12, 2010 at 3:07 PM EST

eminemMTV Video Music Awards: Eminem favorite to win Best Male Video

Eminem is the odds on favorite to win the Best Male Video award at this weekend’s MTV Video Music Awards for his video Not Afraid. Best Male Video is just one of eight different nominations Eminem received including the coveted Video of the Year. With these eight nominations, a slot as the opening act of the VMA‘s, a huge hit record and now the crushing odds he will win at least Best Male Video, it is safe to say that Eminem is back.

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Not Afraid is Eminem‘s love letter to the fans. It is his way of telling the fans that he loves them, the he knows he let them down and promises he will never do it again. Not Afraid features him as a Superman-like figure telling the world that he has returned to save the day. The odds are so skewed in his favor to take home the Best Male Video award that the real question facing Eminem this weekend is: how many awards he will he win? He is all that stands between Lady Gaga and her total dominance of the VMA‘s and I have a feeling he would have it no other way.

Eminem‘s meteoric rise to fame is one of near legend. Coming out of seemingly nowhere, Eminem erupted on the scene with the anthem My Name Is from his album The Slim Shady LP. The celeb name dropping, profane and violent single was light years ahead of what most hip hop artists were doing at that time. Eminem‘s rapid fire vocal style wrapped around Dr. Dre‘s beats and mix was a sonic assault on the senses. The album was rife with violence, misogyny, depictions of desperation, hope and despair. It was also blisteringly funny, stunning and a complete game changer. With one album Eminem changed hip hop and almost overnight he became the biggest name in music.

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Fifteen (Taylor Swift) +800
Airplanes (BOB feat Hayley Williams) +125
Find Your Love (Drake) +800
In My Head (Jason Derulo) +400
Not Afraid (Eminem) -125
OMG (Usher) +500

Eminem‘s fire burned bright for a few years then he seemed to fizzle. His private life was in shambles, his struggles with drugs and alcohol effected his work to such a degree that his music became pedestrian. The man who had changed the hip hop world was suddenly making music that was everything he had railed against in previous albums.

He dropped out of the scene, worked on his life, got clean and returned. His new album Recovery is a return to form. It is everything that makes Eminem great. Featuring his trademark vocal gymnastics, jigsaw puzzle lyrics and themes covering everything from addiction to domestic violence, it is Eminem doing what he does best.



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