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Chris Brown Odds: DWTS Prop Bet

Posted by on March 29, 2011 at 8:20 PM EST

chris brown oddsWhat are the odds that Chris Brown goes bonkers on DWTS tonight?

Whether it’s a tantrum or a fist, Chris Brown has proven to be very effective at throwing things. He’s the type of guy who is a ticking time bomb, a snake poised to strike. Tonight, Chris Brown will be performing 2 songs on DWTS, which is his first big performance since the GMA freakout. What are the odds he goes bat s**t crazy?

Were Brown to be merely performing, I don’t doubt that he could pull it off. But it appears as though DWTS host Tom Bergeron isn’t the biggest Chris Brown fan, as he has publicly stated that he would have trouble not questioning Brown about his behaviour.

People are already calling it “Chris Brown-Gate;” it’s no secret that Brown has a very difficult time controlling his temper. And if he manages to do his thing and perform without making a fuss, it still won’t forgive his past behaviour. It will merely be proof that he is capable of behaving in a civil, normal manner, and that his PR people deserve promotions.

So what are the odds of Chris Brown losing it on air? I’m gonna say 50/50!



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