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Charlie Sheen Eclipsed

Posted by on March 29, 2011 at 3:02 PM EST

charlie sheen tourCharlie Sheen’s tiger blood runs dry.

Oh Charlie Sheen. It seems like just yesterday you were at the top of your game; tiger blood a pumpin’ through your bi-winning veins with the vigor of a thousand samurais. But in the fast-paced world of show biz, it’s difficult to maintain a long stay in the limelight, unless you pace your meltdowns carefully, with calculated precision.

Sheen doesn’t care for precision, and his manic days as a meme may be numbered…it turns out that Charlie Sheen recently lied, about having sold out the first two shows for his Violent Torpedo of Truth tour. There are still tickets available at Ticketmaster, as well as a number of other ticket sites (like StubHub).

Even more interestingly, some tickets are reselling at half their original value. It looks as though ticket scalpers overestimated the popularity of the show, as Charlie Sheen seems to have lost his “sheen.”

Still, Charlie Sheen has managed to sell out shows at Radio City Music Hall (where incidentally the Meet and Greet costs $750 a pop), as well as in Chicago (although tickets are still available at reseller sites). It may have been in the actor’s best interests to have stayed with Two-and-a-Half Men!



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