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Dancing With The Stars 2011: Sugar Ray Leonard, Chelsea Kane!

Posted by on March 28, 2011 at 7:45 PM EST

chelsea kane dwts week 2Dancing With The Stars 2011 week 2 has Sugar Ray Leonard and Chelsea Kane eager to hit the dance floor!

There couldn’t be two more opposite people on Dancing with the Stars than Chelsea Kane and Sugar Ray Leonard, but that is what DWTS is all about. It is always interesting to see people from many different walks of life and different professions have to let their guard down and learn how to dance. The fact that none of them really know how to ballroom dance to start with is the great equalizer so it doesn’t matter if you are a world famous boxer or a lesser known star on a kids show everyone is equal on the dance floor.

Sugar Ray Leonard is one of the best known, most successful boxers of all time. He has been in some legendary battles and is so well- known that people who don’t even follow boxing know his name. His first week on DWTS was a little rough around the edges. He found out quickly that dancing and boxing might be a little bit alike, but they are also very different things that use different muscles so he has to unlearn what he knows from the ring and then learn how to apply that agility to the dancing. He is also a very likable guy who is well loved so I have a feeling that if he can improve the dancing he will be around for a while.

Chelsea Kane is one of those stars in this year’s cast with a much smaller following than many of the others primarily because she is young and she is most well-known for being on a kids TV show. Viewers with kids might recognize her, but others may have no idea who she is. She danced well in the first week and not only is she very good looking (arguably the hottest girl on the show this season) she also seems very sweet. She joked that this was her version of a prom because she was home school and schooled on the set of TV shows so she never had a prom or formal dance. Something tells me her prom dance is going to last a while and she will go deep into the competition.

Tune in tonight at 8PM on ABC to watch Chelsea Kane and Sugar Ray Leonard hit the dance floor on Dancing with the Stars.



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