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World Star Hip Hop: Vibe Magazine’s In-Depth Look

Posted by on March 28, 2011 at 6:17 PM EST

world star hip hopVibe Magazine publishes in-depth expose on World Star Hip Hop.

World Star Hip Hop last made “big” headlines when 50 Cent supposedly shut it down which later turned out to be completely false as he had nothing to do with it. Shortly thereafter the whole 50 cent seizure buzz subsided; WSHH was back up and running just as if nothing had happened. For the first time, Vibe Magazine takes an in-depth look at one of the most controversial websites on the net, sitting down with the founder Lee O’Denat, most commonly known as Q.

I’ll be quite honest, when the whole World Star Hip Hop50 Cent, shutdown news hit the web, I had no idea what WSHH even was. Upon further investigation I found it was an extremely large hip-hop based community of music videos, raw & uncut user submitted footage, music and sex tapes. Vibe Magazine gives an amazing look inside the mind of its creator, Q. In their interview, they touch base on why WSHH really went down that day 50 Cent took credit and Q may even have admitted to extortion. Regardless, I suggest everyone go check out the article that Vibe Magazine has published and find out how World Star Hip Hop is now worth millions of dollars.



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