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Celebrity Apprentice Recap: Dionne Warwick and Big Wednesday

Posted by on March 28, 2011 at 5:32 PM EST

dionne warwick apprenticeDionne Warwick challenges Donald Trump to fire her from Celebrity Apprentice.

As this week’s Celebrity Apprentice started Gary Busey met with a representative for his charity and he presented her with the $40,000 he won for that charity as the project manager of the winning men’s team last week. The women can’t believe they lost to a Busey led team. The teams then meet Mr. Trump and the CEO of ACN. The teams will be tasked with writing, producing and editing a 30 second promo commercial for the company’s newest product a video chat phone. The men select Lil Jon and the women select NeNe Leakes as their respective project managers. We also get a surprise appearance from “Big Wednesday” later on in the episode.

The Celebrity Apprentice women decide their promo will show Dionne Warwick in the studio with her producer on the other side of the country working with her via the phone, but after meeting with ACN execs who several times suggest emotion they change it up. Their new theme will be a daughter away in Paris at college and her parents talking to her. The kicker is that her mom is deaf and now she can sign to her daughter. The men decide to gamble. They go with a storyline where a young man sends the phone to his grandparents. When they hook it up and talk to him he surprises them by telling them he is now living in Argentina and is engaged. When he introduces his finance it’s Jose Conseco. The shock of a gay engagement is funny, but they aren’t sure if this somewhat conservative company will go for it.

Lil Jon turns out to be a very good Celebrity Apprentice project manager. He works well with people, is able to quickly and easily decide what needs to be done and has directed a lot of music videos so he is good behind the camera. John Rich is unsure about their idea, but he is a team guy and works hard with them. Busey, as always, is tough to wrangle. They cast him as the grandpa and he goes method on the team getting naked underneath his robe so in one take his junk is hanging out and they have to cut. He even turns to the woman playing the grandma and tells her his penis is named Big Wednesday.

On the Celebrity Apprentice women’s team NeNe Leakes has things rolling. Star Jones and Marlee Matlin are all over the project. Hope Dworaczyk and Dionne Warwick are sent to get props and LaToya tells NeNe that she recently had Lasik surgery and her vision is blurry so NeNe has her just keep time and make sure they are on schedule. The women seem to be split into two camps, those who are fired up and want to work on the project and those who seem like they would rather be other places. Dionne, Hope and LaToya seem to care less while NeNe, Star and Marlee are into it. They keep most of the drama in check and get their commercial shot. As they edit it Dionne decides to leave. She is tired and doesn’t see how she can be of any help.

At the reveal both teams show their commercial to a room with 450 of the top sales associates for the company. Those people will vote on which commercial they liked best. The women give a great, professional presentation. Their commercial is effective, emotional and does well with the crowd. The men crank up the hype. Lil Jon works the room and tells them that this is their Super Bowl commercial and this is the kind of thing that could go viral. They get a huge laugh from the crowd and it appears to have gone very well.

In the Celebrity Apprentice boardroom the men heap praise on Lil Jon. The women commend NeNe who gets emotional. Trump tells them it was very close, 53% to 47%, but that the men won. This is the guys’ third straight victory.

The guys leave and both Star and Marlee support NeNe Leakes and say she did an amazing job. The group feels like LaToya hasn’t really stepped up much, but she defends herself and says she hasn’t been project manager yet so she does what they ask her to do and is a good solider. It is pointed out that Dionne went home early and that pissed the team off. Also, she is criticized for seeming to not want to be there. After a little piling on, Trump asks Dionne who he should fire. She says judging by the team’s reaction it should be her. She then reverses course and defends herself when her motives are questioned. Trump praises Dionne, but then fires her. After the women leave Trump says to his kids that she challenged him and dared him to fire her so he had no choice.

Out in the hall Dionne Warwick tears into NeNe Leakes saying that she lied in the boardroom about how the whole thing with her leaving early went down. Dionne calls her a coward then gets on the elevator and leaves Celebrity Apprentice.



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