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Odds Highly Favor Lady Gaga To Win Big At 2010 MTV Video Music Awards

Posted by on September 10, 2010 at 4:42 PM EST

lady gaga odds vmasLady Gaga is favored to win just about everything at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

As the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards approach, Lady Gaga seems to be the talk on all of the sports betting sites. The odds look as if Lady Gaga is going to sweep the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards and take home every category she is nominated for. The important categories that Lady Gaga is favored to win are: Video of the Year, Best Female Video and Best Pop Video. It is obvious that whoever makes up these betting lines are closet Gaga fans because in my eyes she has absolutely no talent at all.

See The Current Betting Lines For Lady Gaga Winning MTV Video Music Award Categories.

The first category and probably the most important one is that of Video of the Year. You know the one that has Lady Gaga up against Eminem, Florence and the Machine, 30 Seconds to Mars, Beyonce and BOB fear Hayley Williams. Any one of those artists in this category with Gaga is better suited to win the VMA. But of course, Lady Gaga is favored to win it!

Onward with the biggest joke, which has Lady Gaga winning the Best Female Video VMA. When you favor Gaga amidst the company of Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, you have obviously taken one too many hits from the peace pipe. I mean how can you have Lady Gaga winning against Beyonce, who is an R&B icon and Taylor Swift, who has had the highest grossing concert of the summer?

Last but not least we have the Best Pop Video video music award. This is a category that Lady Gaga can have. Go ahead Gaga, get your butt up on the stage and claim your Best Pop Video VMA for the song Bad Romance. It is all yours, just promise to leave the Best Female Video and Video of the Year categories alone.

On top of these three main categories, Lady Gaga is also nominated for 10 other VMA’s. You would think that with all of these nominations, Gaga would at least show up to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. Sorry! Queen Gaga has better things to do than attend the VMA’s this year.

Be sure to watch Chelsea Handler host the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards this Sunday night at 9/8c on MTV.

Odds for Lady Gaga from sportsbook.com

Video of the Year:
Bad Romance (Lady GaGa)  -150
Best Female Video:
Bad Romance (Lady GaGa) -300
Best Pop Video:
Bad Romance (Lady GaGa) -300



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  1. Lady Gaga should win all of these, I’m guessing these pathetic reviews are coming from a bar singer who never made it or never will & beyonce an icon? Pa lease….. She couldn’t sing if her life depended on it, it’s called auto tune honey, the same goes for Taylor swift, all her crap sounds EXACTLY the same, just look at all the reviews of her last song….. If Lady Gaga wasn’t really that good then she wouldn’t be nominated for all these awards ( which by the way she set a record) so suck on that.. She doesn’t lip sync like all the others do, she is a true artist & everyone is just jealous for no reason, so just get over yourselves & get a life

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