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Japan Nuclear Rain Raises Alabama Radiation Level

Posted by on March 28, 2011 at 9:51 AM EST

alabama radiation levelsJapan nuclear crisis at Fukushima has U.S. fearing radioactive rain.

Residents in and around Alabama are becoming quite uneasy with the most recent radiation level readings produced by the Rad network as they fear nuclear rain from the JapanFukushima crisis has hit U.S. soil. According to the Rad Network, anything over 100 CPM is cause for alert and today in northern Alabama, the radiation level hit 175! Now before you think the world is going to end or that you are going to die if you live in Alabama, you won’t. The radiation levels may be cause for an alert they are not high enough to kill anyone…yet. More than likely, the high radiation levels have nothing to do with Japan or the Fukushima disaster. Don’t go planning any doomsday parties as this is probably the result of a faulty reading. [I have included a screenshot of when the radiation levels were at 160 in Alabama]

Look at that! As I was writing this post, the radiation levels in Northern Alabama dropped to0! It looks like the threat is over and it was NOT due to radioactive rain from the Japan – Fukushima nuclear crisis. Wait a minute, 0!? That doesn’t seem right at all and I smell a potential cover-up. I don’t know what in the hell is going on but I wish they would release an official statement soon. I personally don’t live in Alabama but I would sure as hell like to know what caused the major spike in radiation and why it’s now at zero. If you would like to watch the radiation levels around the country, click here.



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