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Celebrity Apprentice Preview: March 27, 2011

Posted by on March 27, 2011 at 4:54 PM EST

celebrity apprentice previewA preview of tonight’s Celebrity Apprentice 2011.

Somehow the men survived Gary Busey being the project manager and won the challenge on last week’s Celebrity Apprentice, but it looks like this week they might not be so lucky. This week the teams are tasked with writing, producing and creating a 30 second promo video. It seems like a task that these entertainment industry veterans should be able to handle with ease, but judging by the preview I saw it also looks like it is more than enough time for Gary Busey and his insanity to destroy the men’s team.

The Celebrity Apprentice men aren’t the only ones having issues. Dionne Warwick has been slowly but surely getting on her teammates’ nerves and it looks like that may all finally come to a head this week as her attitude and grating personality pushes them too far.

In the boardroom we see NeNe break down and start crying, but we don’t know why and Donald Trump gets angry when someone dares him to fire them, but they are being coy and not showing us who that person is.

So far this has been a great season of Celebrity Apprentice and it appears they are on track to keep that fire burning tonight. You can tune in tonight at 9PM on NBC to see if Gary Busey and his antics derail the men’s team and find out exactly what is causing all the drama on the women’s team.



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