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Madonna’s School of Kidnapping

Posted by on March 27, 2011 at 12:24 PM EST

madonnaMadonna shuts down Malawi school project.

A few years back when Madonna was trying to adopt a child from the African country of Malawi she was having some trouble with some of their politicians and the legal system. They even went so far as to call her a “child kidnapper.” Eventually she jumped through the various hoops and did the things they wanted her to do and she was allowed to adopt her daughter Mercy.

One of the things Madonna agreed to do during this process was to raise around $15 million dollars to build a girl’s school that would be large enough to handle around 400 students.  The Malawi government gave her the land, they broke ground and a group called Raising Malawi was formed to oversee the fundraising and building of the school.

Madonna herself gave $11 million of her own money and the group raised around $18 million, but the Malawi school has never been built and today the project was abandoned. The management team has spent around $3.8 million dollars on various things from cars to salaries and has yet to break ground. There is even such accounting issues that some of the money is simply not accounted for.

The money will now be used in various other ways which will, “advance improvements in the beleaguered nation.” Madonna went on to say that there is a real education problem in Malawi where sixty-seven percent of all girls don’t go to a secondary school.

As the school project began to fall apart Madonna brought in another leader, Trevor Neilson, who convinced her that building an expensive school was an ineffective way to help battle the education problem in the country and that using the money to finance education programs through existing and proven organizations was the way to go.

I have to applaud Madonna for having the guts to end this project and move on as needed. It would have been easy to do as Oprah has done and just build the school, opened it and used it to stroke her ego; this way that money can be put to much better use and have a bigger effect on these kids’ lives. I hope they are able to do a lot of good with that money and affect some real change.

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