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Report: The Amazing Spider Man Sequel!

Posted by on March 27, 2011 at 12:01 PM EST

the amazing spider manReports have it that a sequel to The Amazing Spider Man (in production) has been confirmed.

Anything Spider-Man is good, so long as it isn’t a Broadway musical. While the musical version of Spider-Man continues to be plagued with technical problems, injuries and endless delays, the Spider Man movies continue to roll along. Before the most recent one is even done shooting, Columbia Pictures is already beginning to plan for the sequel to it.

The most recent Spider-Man movie is a reboot of the series called The Amazing Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield stepping into the role as our favorite web slinger. The movie doesn’t hit theaters until July 3rd 2012, but it was reported today that the studio has already hit up screenwriter James Vanderbilt to write the follow up movie. Reports are that Vanderbilt pitched his idea for the sequel to the Spider Man reboot on Wednesday and today was given the green light to write the script.

While I am sure there is little doubt that The Amazing Spider-Man will make a load of money at the box office it seems like these days the plans for sequels come so fast they might as well do as the Lord of the Rings movies do and film multiple movies at once. It would sting pretty badly if for some reason this new Spider-Man movie didn’t do well and they decided not to make another even with potentially millions already into the creation of it.

I guess, to me, it is all part the reality that the world moves faster today than it used to. When I was a kid they made a movie and if it did well they would consider making a sequel. Often it was years after the original that a sequel was made, but now that has changed. We live in a brave new world where movie studios don’t worry about making a good movie; they worry about making a franchise. So far, with Spider-Man, they have been very successful. All of the Spider-Man movies have been great. This new one has big shoes to fill so they better keep their eyes on the prize and make sure it is great before focusing too much on the sequel. I have a feeling so long as it isn’t a musical they are going to be okay.



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