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Report: Japan Nuclear Reactor Breached

Posted by on March 25, 2011 at 12:18 PM EST

japan nuclear reactorOne of the Japan Nuclear Reactors may have been breached.

Japan just can’t catch a break as reports are filing in that one of the nuclear reactors has been breached. I am still awaiting confirmation but Japanese officials at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant say that a breach may have occurred. What does a breach mean? It means that environmental damage from the radiation would be heightened and could possibly be catastrophic. Let’s hope the reactor core was not breached as that would be devastating to Japan.

The Japan nuclear reactor core in question of being breached holds approx. 170 tons of radioactive fuel…not good. If the breach is true, radiation would seep into the surrounding ground as well as the air, causing permanent damage to the environment. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those people affected by the Japan Tsunami / Earthquake. We also hope that the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant situation is contained before any more damage is done.



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