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American Idol 2011: Stefano Langone Eliminated?

Posted by on March 24, 2011 at 7:45 PM EST

stefano langone idol 2011Stefano Langone was by far the worst performance last night on American Idol.

Will Stefano Langone be eliminated tonight? Last night was Motown Classics week on American Idol and it brought us a lot of good performances. While there weren’t any guys that I would say were terrible, there were clearly some that were better than others.  Here are your best and worst guys from last night’s American Idol 2011.

The Best of the American Idol Top 11 Guys:

Jacob Lusk – I have been critical of him pretty much every week because he has a tendency to do what I call “blubber” when he sings which means he carries out every note for way too long and drives it through his entire vocal range and the song gets lost in all those vocal gymnastics. I have a feeling I wasn’t the only one that felt this way because Jimmy Iovine suggested he show more restraint this week and that is exactly what he did. He had presence, poise and focused on the song, not on his ability to hit notes. It was a spot on performance and for me the best performance of the night.

Scotty McCreery – This could have been a disaster of a week for Scotty because Motown and the old school country he loves seem to be miles apart, but he found a way to marry them and it worked well. Doing Stevie Wonder’s “For Once in My Life” Scotty found a zone where he could be his traditional country self while still holding on to the Motown soul of the song. Add in a little harmonica and some low notes that Jennifer Lopez called ‘lady killers’ and it was a really good performance.

The Lonely Bad American Idol Top 11 performance:

Stefano Langone –  Stefano somehow managed to take Lionel Richie’s mega hit “Hello” and turn it into kind of an odd, stiff vocal exercise. Jennifer Lopez hit it on the head when she said that he needs to figure out how to connect with the audience. At this point he seems like he is up there just trying to show the world how good his voice is and not really singing the song. It does have to be an ego boost though when JLO tells you week in and week out how good looking she thinks you are. He needs to figure out how to relax and just let it come to him, but I have feeling that just isn’t in his DNA.

The rest of the guys were good, some better than others, but these three stuck out in my mind. You can tune in tonight live at 8PM on FOX to see if any of these guys end up in the bottom three or get sent home. Clearly, in my mind, the only one mentioned here who is in any danger is Stefano Langone, but you never know. American Idol has surprised us in the past.



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