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Lauren Alaina: American Idol Best and Worst Girls

Posted by on March 24, 2011 at 7:53 PM EST

lauren alaina idol 2011The Best and Worst girls from the American Idol Top 11 performances.

The 11 remaining American Idol finalists took to the stage last night for Motown week and there must have been something in the air because it seems like all of the contestants did pretty good. There wasn’t really a “terrible” performance in the group, but there were some that did better than others. Here are my picks for the best and worst girls for this week. Lauren Alaina makes it to the “best” category while Thia Megia just didn’t cut it this week on American Idol 2011.

The Best American Idol Top 11 Girls

Pia Toscano – Once again she picked a ballad, Stevie Wonder’s “All in Love is Fair,” and once again she knocked it out of the park. Wearing a sexy backless gown and backed by a string section she showed off her big voice and did excellent. The judges only complaint (and mine as well) is that it was another ballad. We all know she can do that, let’s see her do something a little different. She promised to do something a little more up-tempo next week. Even though it was kind of the same thing as Pia Toscano has done each week, it was still impressive to see.

Lauren Alaina – Once again she showed off that she has presence and poise well beyond her age. Her version of the Supremes’ “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” had some teeth to it as she growled and stalked around the stage. For me she had a little too much makeup and seemed to be trying to be a little too sexy for a 16-year-old, but when she sings you forget she is that young which just shows off her immense talent.

The Not As Good From Last Night’s American Idol

Thia Megia – I like Thia. She is a just a likable person and seems like one of those people that you root for. She clearly has a good voice and talent and is a cute as a bug, but she seems like she is having trouble finding herself. She is young, just 16, and maybe she is just lost in all the insanity of the show. Where Lauren seems beyond her age, Thia seems like someone who acts her age. I have a feeling if she just found a fun song that fit her voice that she could just have a good time singing we would see her real personality come out, but she better find it quick or it might be too late.

Haley Reinhart – She had a better performance this week than last and with the Miracles’
“You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me” she was able to get back to some of that bluesy, ragged stuff she did earlier on in the competition. She seems nervous on stage (understandably) and it often seems like she is just barely hanging on. For me it is like she has yet to do a full, great performance. She has moments, but hasn’t put it all together yet.

These are my picks for the women who have done good and not so good this week on American Idol. Tune in tonight at 8PM on FOX to see if any of them are in the bottom three or get sent home.



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