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American Idol Bottom 3: Haley Reinhart, Stefano Langone, Thia Megia

Posted by on March 24, 2011 at 7:59 PM EST

american idol bottom 3My predictions for the bottom 3 on tonight’s American Idol 2011.

This could be a rough week to decide who is in the bottom three on American Idol. It was Motown Classics week on the show and it seemed like it brought the best out of the performers as they all did pretty well. Some were clearly better than others, but in my mind there isn’t one that stands out as the worst of the week. Something tells me Stefano Langone or Haley Reinhart is going home.

Here are my predictions of who will be in the American Idol Top 11 bottom 3:

Haley Reinhart – She seems to have been hanging on by a thread in the last few weeks and she has yet to really have a groundbreaking performance that has blown everyone away. She has been to the bottom three before and I have a feeling she will be back there this week.

Stefano Langone – While there is no questioning how much JLo loves him, but I have a feeling that a lot of American Idol viewers, me included, just aren’t feeling him. I like to think of him as the William Shatner of American Idol because he seems to be overly dramatic and stiff. He has some talent, but I have a feeling he will be sent to the bottom three this week.

Thia Megia – While I like Thia and think she has potential she seems to be having trouble finding her way. I think this was her best week since the final 13 we announced, but things are getting more and more competitive and there is nobody that sticks out in my mind that was significantly worse than she was this week so I have a feeling she is bottom three bound.

In the end I think Thia Megia’s likability will save her and I think there are enough female viewers that like watching Stefano Langone that he too will be safe and in the end Haley Reinhart’s thread will finally break and she will be sent home.

You can tune in tonight to the live American Idol results show at 8PM on FOX to see if any my predictions are accurate.



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