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Modern Family Recap: Jay Dates Pepper!

Posted by on March 24, 2011 at 6:20 PM EST

nathan lane modern familyRecap of last night’s episode of Boys Night Out.

Boys Night Out – this episode of Modern Family Season 2 was hilarious, as usual.  Modern Family is all about people surprising you when you least expect it.  Jay (Ed O’Neill) is trying to teach Manny (Rico Rodriguez) a lesson about trying new things.  So Gloria (Sofia Vergara) decides to take Jay and Manny to a symphony concert.  Jay realizes he’s going to a symphony and not a Frankie Valli concert like her originally thought and decides to ditch Gloria and Manny and have a drink at the bar across the street.  Who is in the bar on a boy’s night out?  Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cam (Eric Stonestreet) along with their friends which include Pepper (Nathan Lane).  Mitch and Cam are enjoying a night out drinking margaritas and dishing about first crushes, when in walks Jay.  Mitchell at first is skeptical to have his dad join them, but then comes to realize that Jay is fitting right in.

Elsewhere during last night’s episode of Modern Family, Phil (Ty Burrell) and Claire (Julie Bowen) are upset to learn that Luke (Nolan Gould) has made friends with their crotchety old neighbor Walt (Philip Baker Hall).  They go over Walt’s house to discuss this new friendship and make sure Walt is not a child molester. When they knock on Walt’s door, they find him sleeping (and unbeknownst to them, his hearing aid turned off).  When they knock and Walt doesn’t move, they think he’s dead.  They go into the house and end up startling Walt. Walt gets crotchety with them and kicks them out. To Luke’s urging, Walt pays the Dunphy’s a visit and brings them onions from his garden to try and patch things up so he can remain friends with Luke.

Haley (Sarah Hyland) babysits for Mitchell and Cam and realizes that Cam has set up a lap top camera so he could keep an eye on her.  He swears he sees a male figure cross the path of the camera and calls Haley to confront her. She pretends to be very upset at her untrustworthy Uncle and makes Cam feel awful about his distrust.  Next scene, we see Dylan on the couch!

Jay wakes the next morning with an awful hangover and realizes that he has made a date with Pepper to go shopping two hours away, making it an all day “affair!”  Jay begs Gloria to help him get out of it.  Gloria promises Jay she will help, and then captures the moment to get revenge for ditching her and Manny the night before.  She pushes Jay along on his shopping trip with Pepper!

Another great episode from the writers and actors of Modern Family.  Keep the laughs coming!



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