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Eminem Opening Act For 2010 MTV Video Music Awards

Posted by on September 9, 2010 at 7:02 PM EST

eminem 2010 mtv video music awardsEminem opens the MTV Video Music Awards. Will viewers stick around once he is done?

(VMA‘s) have a long history of great performances. This is where we first saw Britney Spears do a semi-striptease as she let the world know that she really was not that innocent. Later, Britney and Chirstina Aguilera kissed Madonna as they sang together. Madonna herself set the standard with her writhing, sexual performance of Like A Virgin and last year Lady Gaga did a dramatic, bloody rendition of her song Paparazzi. Can Eminem deliver as this years VMA opening act?

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The opening spot of the MTV Video Music Awards used to set the tone of the awards show. During most VMA shows they have put noteworthy, even popular acts in the leadoff spot, but they typically leave the more anticipated performances until the middle or even end of the show. The logic is simple. If you want to see this big star’s performance you need to sit through the show and wait for it. They want viewers to stick around. So they put a good, solid, high energy performance at the start of the show then leave the big guns for a little later.

This year’s VMA‘s they are changing it up a little and having the biggest performer of the night open the show as Eminem is slated as the opening act.  No, he is not as big as he was a few years ago, but his current album Recovery spent nine weeks atop the Billboard top 200 and is currently still third on the chart. It is selling and selling big. With a red-hot collaboration with Rihanna and a scorching video for the single Love The Way You Lie, Eminem is back on top of his game. He is known for giving big performances at the VMAs so you can expect fireworks and an all out effort.

Once Eminem is done, it leaves little left to desire. Yes, there is Justin Bieber who has a huge following and there is the question of how many awards Lady Gaga will win, but there is no act left that crosses barriers and draws interest. Simply put, there is nobody left that makes it worth sitting through the rest of the awards show to see because none of the remaining acts carry with them any kind of potential controversy. Is Bieber going to do something offensive? No. Will Paramore or Linkin Park stir the pot? No. The only person left that is a wild card of any kind is Kanye West who may do something special to make up for making an ass of himself during last year’s show. The lineup is decent, if not a little mundane, but there is nobody there that inspires great interest and must see fervor.

MTV is playing their ace in the hole right at the start (Eminem).  It may just come back to bite them.

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