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Lady Gaga: A Modern Houdini

Posted by on March 24, 2011 at 5:08 PM EST

houdiniLady Gaga is like a modern day Houdini.

In honor of Harry Houdini’s 137th birthday (he died in 1926), I decided to brainstorm what celebrities are most like the great magician, and the one that comes to mind is Lady Gaga! Like Houdini, Lady Gaga is innovative, eccentric, and daring. She doesn’t shy away from the extreme; she embraces in. Some may say Gaga is strange, but her “strangeness” sells, big time.

Houdini was also quite popular during his time. He has taken part in a number of escapes, as this was his specialty. Performances included the Suspended Straitjacket Escape, a Buried Alive stunt, and the Milk Can Escape, which was a variation of his Chinese Water Torture Cell.  Houdini clearly liked enclosed spaces, which Lady Gaga also must love, as she is reportedly installing a giant egg in her home that she will be able to sleep in. Like Houdini, Gaga performs stunts of sorts, and her affinity for eggs dates back to when she arrived on the red carpet, enclosed in such a vessel.

Houdini was looked at as bizarre and intriguing. His work was controversial, as some looked at magic like witchcraft. Still, he had the love and admiration of many, and continues to be remembered and celebrated today-and I believe that the same can be said of Lady Gaga.



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