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Update: Earthquakes Hit Burma, Thailand Border

Posted by on March 24, 2011 at 1:19 PM EST

burma earthquakesIt is now being reported that two earthquakes have hit Burma (Myanmar).

I reported earlier that an earthquake had rocked Thailand after a 7.0 quake was documented in Myanmar (Burma). It has now come to light that TWO earthquakes happened this morning in Burma which borders Thailand. As I said earlier, the effects were felt in Bangkok as buildings swayed. Many folks are wondering if a Tsunami will wreak havoc like the most recent one in Japan and sources say these two quakes pose little to no threat of creating a Tsunami.

The two earthquakes that rocked Thailand this morning happened inland. The difference between the quakes in Burma (Myanmar) and Japan is that the Japanese quake happened in the ocean. Thus, causing the horrific Tsunami that destroyed Japan. Once again, because of how far inland this quake was in Myanmar, the threat of a Tsunami are slim to none. Here’s to hoping nobody was hurt in these two earthquakes that just hit near Thailand.



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