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Rihanna Beatdown Question Enrages Chris Brown [PHOTOS]

Posted by on March 22, 2011 at 10:40 AM EST

Chris Brown completely flips his s**t when asked about Rihanna on Good Morning America.

Anger management my a**, Chris Brown often referred to as Chris “Beatdown” Brown displayed his lack of self-control and hostility this morning. For some reason, Good Morning America decided to have this piece of crap as a guest on their show this morning but now they know it was a big mistake. When asked about the night that he beat the living hell out of Rihanna, Chris Brown did what any raging douche bag would do, got up, ripped his shirt off, stormed off into his dressing room where he proceeded to PUNCH a window, sending shards of glass plummeting to the street below.

Chris Brown obviously still needs help to control his anger issues. We all saw what he was capable of doing with the Rihanna incident, what is stopping him from doing it again? I’d like to give a shout out to all of you “fans” who support Brown. Hopefully this latest fit of rage has opened your eyes to what a piece of crap Chris Brown really is. If you in fact find some way to feel sympathy for this idiot, then I really do feel sorry for you. Maybe some of that blonde hair dye Brown used vicariously seeped into your brain and destroyed any sort of intelligence that you once possessed. (The last image is the Tweet he posted on Twitter right after the punching incident, it has since been deleted)



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