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David Charles Schubert: Prosecutor Coke Bust

Posted by on March 21, 2011 at 5:37 PM EST

david charles schubertDavid Charles Schubert arrested in cocaine bust.

I don’t know why stories like this make me smile and laugh so hard, but for some reason they do. I guess I see it as some form of irony or maybe I just enjoy seeing people who are on their high horse finally be exposed as hypocrites. The story I am talking about is that of Las Vegas prosecutor David Charles Schubert who was arrested on Saturday for possession of cocaine.

Now this alone might not come as a surprise to some because it seems like every day we see some kind of government official getting in trouble for doing exactly what they tell others not to do, but this case is a little interesting because David Charles Schubert was the Deputy District Attorney who prosecuted both Paris Hilton and Bruno Mars when they were both recently busted for cocaine possession while in Las Vegas. Shubert also ran a federal anti-drug task force. The guy was very public about his dislike for drugs and then he gets caught buying them.

Something I find interesting is that maybe David Charles Schubert had already dropped hints that his true feelings towards the drug were not reflected in his actions at work because in both Bruno Mars and Paris Hilton’s cases he could have easily pushed for a trial and tried to get them jail time or some form of heavy punishment. In both cases there was plenty of evidence against them so the odds of his succeeding were pretty good. However, in both cases he made it pretty easy to for them to avoid any jail time and to get off with essentially a slap on the wrist, a fine and some community service. When the opportunity to throw the book at a celebrity and use them to make a point that everyone gets equal treatment and if you screw up you get punished was right in front of him twice and he chose to help them out. Maybe that showed of his true feelings about the drug as opposed to his supposed feelings about it based on the work he normally does going after drug crimes.

David Charles Schubert is currently suspended while an investigation is being carried out, but it is likely that his career as a criminal prosecutor, at least in Las Vegas, is over. It will be interesting to see if the prosecution is as lenient on him as he was on some of his more famous suspects. Now that he is a coke use ex-lawyer he can always drive to Hollywood and become an agent.



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