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Miley Cyrus Leaked Photos, Round Two!

Posted by on March 21, 2011 at 5:29 PM EST

miley cyrus twitterMiley Cyrus rejoins Twitter, prepare for more leaked photos.

Miley Cyrus is back on Twitter . . . well, kind of. About a year and a half ago Miley Cyrus was just another well-known celeb who was on Twitter posting about her everyday life. She had a few issues of course including leaked cell phone pics of her underwear [picture shown in post] and some heated exchanges with other people. Of course anything that might be said on Twitter was analyzed and looked at and a lot of these so called feuds were really nothing and were blown out of proportion including a supposed feud with fellow Disney star Demi Lovato. Miley even started a YouTube channel with one of her friends and put on the Miley and Mandy Show. She was a wide open book sharing pretty much every detail of her life with her fans and the world at large.

Then one day Miley Cyrus just quit it all. She deleted her Twitter account where she had more than 2 million followers and she posted a video on her YouTube account where she along with some friends made a rap video explaining why she left Twitter. Since then the only video on that YouTube channel was one posted right around the same time as the leaving Twitter rap which was a post about a charity she made and she has been silent on Twitter.

Now Miley Cyrus has broken her silence. She was in the studio with her record producers Rock Mafia and she took to their account to make a tweet that says she will be using the Rock Mafia Twitter account from now on.  Along with the tweet she posted a pic of herself and producer Antonina Armato in the studio. Rock Mafia later tweeted that Miley will use their account until they can convince her to make a new account for herself.

So the question is: Now that Miley Cyrus is focusing on her music and working to create a career for herself where people see her in a more grown up light, will she go back to Twitter? I think eventually she will, but she will have it run more along the lines of how Britney Spears’ account is run where her manager, producers and other members of her team tweet about what she is doing and what she has going on and then from time to time Britney chimes in with a personal tweet. Miley Cyrus could easily do that which would allow her to connect with her fans while not feeling like she needs to tweet about every aspect of her life.



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