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Lunch Robot: Miley Cyrus, Bruce Pearl, Wyclef Jean

Posted by on March 21, 2011 at 3:22 PM EST

bruce pearlMiley Cyrus returns to Twitter, Bruce Pearl fired from UT and Wyclef Jean shot in Haiti.

Bruce Pearl fired from UT (Tennessee Volunteers) trends as the men’s basketball coach may be let go today. Miley Cryus (Hannah Montana) returns to Twitter after a hiatus. Former member of The Fugees, Wyclef Jean was shot over the weekend in Haiti.

Perhaps the biggest news amidst the NCAA Tournament 2011 is that Bruce Pearl has been fired. The train wreck of a situation began last September when Pearl admitted to lying to the NCAA investigators when they were looking into recruiting violations. Today, news is spreading like wild fire that Bruce Pearl has been fired as the UT (Tennessee Volunteers) men’s basketball head coach. Speculations are that Pearl will receive a payout, if he accepts the charges the NCAA has filed against him. What a mess, especially during college basketball’s biggest time of the year.

Pop star and Salvia smoking extraordinaire Miley Cyrus is making headlines once again. Rumor has it Miley has returned to Twitter after quite some time away from the popular website. The fact is, Miley really hasn’t rejoined the Twitter community fully. She does not have her own account; instead she will be tweeting from the account of her record producers, Rock Mafia. LAME! Give Miley Cyrus her own account; I want to see some raunchy TwitPics of the ex Hannah Montana star.

Wyclef Jean, former member of The Fugees, has reportedly been shot while in Haiti. Reports say that Jean was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for superficial wounds; he is fine. Police in Haiti would not comment whether or not Wyclef Jean was shot or not. I mean, I doubt they will admit that someone was shot on the news, the night of a Presidential runoff election. We hope Wyclef recovers from the wound.



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