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Ben Affleck Directs and Stars In The Movie The Town

Posted by on September 8, 2010 at 6:33 PM EST

ben affleckBen Affleck has his  hope sets high for his new movie “The Town”, both directing and staring in this fall movie.

With the release of The Town, Ben Affleck makes good on the promise he showed as a director in Gone Baby Gone. Not only is he directing in The Town, he is also starting in it too.

It has been twelves years since Ben Affleck burst onto the scene with his good friend Matt Damon in the hit movie Good Will Hunting. The friends wrote and stared in the movie for which they won an Oscar for best screenplay. While Damon has gone on to become a bonafide movie star, it took Affleck a little longer to find his true calling.

Like Gone Baby Gone, Affleck’s The Town takes him back to the Boston streets where he grew up. Ben Affleck directs and stars in the movie as the leader of a gang of bank robbers that falls in love with a woman the group takes hostage during a robbery. As the FBI closes in on he and his gang, Affleck’s character is torn between his desire to turn his life around and leave the violence and crime behind him and his loyalty to his crew and friends.

The road to directorial success has been a strange and winding one for Ben Affleck. After Good Will Hunting he starred in a number of movies that were successful. He seemed to be on his way to being a very bankable leading man. After some bumps in the road Affleck’s professional career took a back seat to his private life as he dated and became engaged to Jennifer Lopez. The tabloids documented his every move. That several of his high profile projects failed to live up to their expectations didn’t help matters. Affleck’s relationship with Lopez ended, but his career woes continued. Ben Affleck then seemed to turn his attention to smaller roles in smaller movies almost as if he were reinventing himself, reminding the world that he was a good actor. As he married and started a family with Jennifer Garner, his career started to rise again. Then he decided to direct his brother Casey in Gone Baby Gone and Affleck found his true calling.

With the release of Gone Baby Gone, Affleck announced himself as a quality director. Ben Affleck received high marks as a storyteller and Amy Ryan received an Oscar nomination for her role in the movie. The Town returns Affleck to the gritty world of desperate people and his presence in the movie, as an actor is seamless. He is no longer the fresh-faced kid, but is now a wiser, veteran actor with a steady presence and the confidence to just relax and let the performance come to him in a natural way.

Just as Good Will Hunting announced Ben Affleck’s arrival a dozen years ago, The Town announces that Ben Affleck’s transformation is complete. Affleck left Boston for Hollywood when he was a kid. It took a couple of return trips home working behind the camera to help him find himself, but he now seems ready to take his seat at the table as one of the best directors working today.

You can catch Ben Affleck in The Town when it opens in theaters on September 17th.



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