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The Celebrity Apprentice Recap: 20th Century Niki Taylor

Posted by on March 21, 2011 at 10:16 AM EST

niki taylor apprenticeThe Celebrity Apprentice 2011 recap of last night’s (March 20, 2011) brand new episode.

Last night’s all new Celebrity Apprentice took the teams into the great outdoors to do a little camping. (Project Managers: Gary Busey, Niki Taylor) Well, at least it took them out into the streets of Manhattan to set up a Camping World exhibit, but all was not peaceful and calm on this trip.

As this episode of Celebrity Apprentice started, Meat Loaf met with a representative of his charity Painted Turtle and presented her with the $20,000 check his team won in the last challenge.  The teams then met Donald Trump and he introduced them to the CEO of Camping World who tasked them with using products from Camping World to create a display that showed off the Camping World brand and made their products look functional and appealing to those who wished to experience the great outdoors and the camping experience.

The women chose Niki Taylor as their Project Manager while the men eventually decided that it was time for Gary Busey to step up. Right from the start you knew this would be interesting. Busey has been crazy the first few episodes and now he’s running the show. The first order of business was to choose which two RV’s each team wanted. There were four total to pick from ranging from a small tow trailer style all the way up to a $200,000 tour bus style. There was no debate. The women wanted to two middle of the road size RVs because they felt more family oriented and the men took the smallest as well as the tour bus.

The Celebrity Apprentice teams were given $5,000 to spend on items to create their displays with and right away the women hit the store and bought everything in sight assuming they would take the good stuff so the guy’s couldn’t have it. The problem was they ended up with way too much stuff. While the women worked to dig through their mountain of stuff, the guys got in, got out and were on their way.

Both Mark McGrath and Richard Hatch approach Gary Busey about getting money for some trees and plants to use. He tells Mark that he can have the $400 it will cost to deliver some hedges and trees and then he tells Richard that he can $875 for more trees and plants. The problem is the team only has $900 left. McGrath is frustrated and says that Busey has a mind like a hummingbird that is all over the place. John Rich is frustrated with the lack of focus. John suggests the men write a theme song and he plays a few chords on the guitar while he and Meat Loaf riff up some country music lyrics. Jose Canseco immediately says he is against it because country music doesn’t speak to everyone and it could offend some people. Richard Hatch chimes in and says that it sounds too hick-like and that it seems lower income and dumb. John bristles at the idea that fans of country music are not smart and don’t make their own money and he quickly puts Richard in his place.

Over with the Celebrity Apprentice women’s team Niki Taylor has a decent plan. She gives each woman a spot in their display to decorate so they know what their job is and can focus on it. Star Jones can’t help but to take a leadership role even after saying she wouldn’t and Dionne Warwick seems unhappy and kind of hard to keep on task.

The men’s team has trouble because Gary Busey can’t seem to articulate to them a vision. Gary and Jose are just sitting around doing nothing then get up and toss a baseball around. Mark actually films them with his phone so he has ammo for the board room in the event they should lose.

The next morning on Celebrity Apprentice things fall into the place. The plants all arrive (Mark got his friend to just donate them for free) and the men get everything set up. The women finish their display off with some balloons and everyone opens up. When the Camping World owner shows up he walks around looking and was impressed by most of what he saw, but does point out some things that he was not impressed with. He says the women’s RV’s look great inside, but it is barren outside. The men’s looks great outside, but is plain inside. He is impressed with John Rich’s Camping World song.

In the Celebrity Apprentice board room Donald Trump announces that it was the men who won mainly because they had a better branding scheme and because of the song which John then plays for Trump and the women. The guys say that Gary was not a great project manager and Lil John even says that Gary is disrespectful and always cuts him off. Gary explains that just that week Marlee Matlin introduced him to her hearing aid specialist who fit Gary for hearing aids and for the first time in 20 years he can hear things clearly. Gary also says he thinks there is an alliance on the men’s team that is forming against him. Busey is crazy. He forms saying from words and says odd things to people when he greets them, but he might be right about the alliance and he might just be crazy like a fox.

Back in the board room Donald Trump asks Niki Taylor who is to blame for the loss and she says she can’t put the blame on anyone but herself. She says the team worked well together and while they had a few bumps in the road it was her show to run so she takes full responsibility. Trump is impressed and says it is classy thing to do. He then fires her. Her team is also impressed with her show of class and walks to her to the exit. Celebrity Apprentice ends with the women’s team possibly coming together while a rift may well be forming in the men’s.



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