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Japan Death Toll: March 19, 2011 Update

Posted by on March 19, 2011 at 12:02 PM EST

japan death tollThe Japan Tsunami / Earthquake death toll rises to 7,300 people confirmed dead.

The Japan Death Toll post Tsunami / Earthquake has risen to 7,300 people confirmed dead. The sad news is that another 11,000 are still missing! Amidst trying to find those missing Japanese Tsunami victims, they are battling a severe nuclear crisis. Government agencies are still dumping water on the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in hopes that it will cool off the fuel rods in the nuclear reactors. On top of all of this mayhem in Japan, several hundreds of thousands of people are still homeless as a result of the Japan Tsunami / Earthquake.

Once again the Japan Death Toll is at 7,300 people confirmed dead with around 11,000 still missing. Everyone needs to send there thoughts and prayers out to the people of Japan as this catastrophe wages on. You can of course donate to the American Red Cross to help with the Japan Tsunami relief effort. While finding those missing people is a big concern, perhaps right now the focus should be on stabilizing the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant so that radiation does not leak and wreak even more havoc on Japan.

Oh, while we are on the subject of the Japan Tsunami, I want you all to watch this YouTube video rant. Some crazy girl recorded a video saying the devastation over in Japan was to “punish” the atheists. It just goes to show that they are crazy people of all types:



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