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Rebecca Black: Miley Cyrus Clone

Posted by on March 18, 2011 at 2:19 PM EST

rebecca black miley cyrusIs Rebecca Black the next Miley Cyrus?

In her video for Friday, potential pop star Rebecca Black has a schedule.  Wednesday is for Voice Lessons, Thursday is when her essay is due, and Friday is for fun. But maybe Friday should be for more voice lessons, really. Listening to the viral song is confusing and appalling. Is this what we’ve become? A nation of tweens buying into cookie cutter prefabricated music (Miley Cyrus) that’s been auto-tuned so much, it’s hard to imagine the Rebecca Black song could have sounded worse, before it was digitalized?

So is Rebecca Black the Next Big Thing? It’s hard to tell. There are MANY people saying that “Friday” is the worst song that they have ever heard (have you ever listened to Miley Cyrus?), but as her video now has over 16 million views and counting, Rebecca definitely has at least a few thousand fans. So what’s the perfect formula to becoming a pop star? First, you must be pretty, next you need connections (Black’s parents must have been super rich to get their daughter a music video and everything), and then you have to have access to auto-tune. It looks like Rebecca Black knew what she was doing!

For every hater, there’s a fan, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Rebecca Black’s screechy tune catapulted her to stardom.



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