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American Idol Predictions Karen Rodriguez

Posted by on March 17, 2011 at 6:46 PM EST

american idol predictions karen rodriguezRobot Celeb’s American Idol predictions are in! Who’s going home tonight? Karen Rodriguez?

Here is our American Idol predictions. This was a week of firsts for American Idol. This was the first week this season where the performances were aired live. It was the first time Ryan Seacrest has ever stepped in and helped a contestant with their make-up. It was the first time a judge has agreed to perform with a contestant if they make it to the final and it was the first time a Nirvana song was every done on American Idol. Will Karen Rodriguez be heading home?

As the American Idol aired live Haley Reinhart finished her song then realized she had smudged her lipstick on the microphone. Ryan Seacrest jumped in and helped her fix it which brought some jokes from the judges that he needed to help Randy with his make up next.

AI’s performances had some great moments including Pia Toscano’s great version of “Where Do Broken Hearts Go?” and, shockingly, Stefano Langone giving his best performance of the season. When I say that about him understand that you have to take it with a grain of salt because most of the performers this week were pretty underwhelming. Scotty McCreery was his stable, strong and deep voiced self and Lauren Alaina returned to form and seemed to be able to get past her cold.

But after those few things went downhill fast. James Durbin had some good American Idol moments, but he picked a Bon Jovi song that has some strange pacing and never seemed to find a groove with it. He did joke that he was saving Aerosmith for when he gets to the finals and Steven Tyler told him if he makes it to the finals he will get up on stage and sing it with him. The two shook on it and I actually want to see that. It could be interesting.

Paul McDonald was sick and once again chose a song that just didn’t suit his quirky, interesting voice. Haley Reinhart seemed, like she has been the last few weeks, like she is on the cusp of doing something great, but can never quite get there and Casey Abrams played the bass, did a little Dave Mathews like dance and screamed his way through Nirvana’s “Smells like Teen Spirit.” It was so bizarre and at times awful that I think Kurt Cobain would have actually appreciated it. Thia Megia seems to be stuck in that area where she keeps doing slow ballads. I think she wants to show off her voice, but she needs to liven it up, act her age and just belt something out. She is one of the most talented singers on the show; she just needs to find the right song. And then there was Karen Rodriguez who seems to have decided that she will do every song half in English and half in Spanish. It was cool once, now it is just getting old. Speaking of getting old I’m quickly getting tired of Jacob Lusk and his vocal gymnastics. American Idol fans get it. You have range and can hit a lot of notes. That doesn’t mean you have to do it on every note.

Tonight is the American Idol results show and I would predict that Karen Rodriguez will be returning to the bottom three and I have a feeling she will be joined by Naima and maybe Paul or Haley. In the end I think it will be Karen’s time and she will be voted out tonight.



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