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Demi Lovato Dating Joe Jonas: Ashley Greene Enters Rehab

Posted by on March 17, 2011 at 1:39 PM EST

demi lovato joe jonasDemi Lovato dating Joe Jonas; Ashley Greene enters rehab.

Will Joe Jonas reunite with celeb ex, Demi Lovato? Joe Jonas and Twilight star Ashley Greene have reportedly broken up. It seems that constant traveling and different schedules have had a toll on their relationship, which Greene has described as “a traveling relationship.”

It wouldn’t be surprising to see Demi Lovato dating Joe Jonas. Lovato has recently been released from rehab, where she was seeking help for “personal problems” that included an eating disorder and self-injury. Lovato entered rehab shortly after her relationship with Joe Jonas was over, which is telling…what is to become of actress Ashley Greene? Will she enter rehab too?

It’s doubtful. Greene is known for bearing her fangs as Alice Cullen in the Twilight series, and vampires have awesome regenerative powers, so….you know. I think she’ll recover.

As far as Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato are concerned, it’s definitely possible that they’ll be getting back together. Joe Jonas is currently working on his new solo album, which means he will have plenty of time to do some deep thinking…maybe reconsider past loves….

And Demi Lovato has recently returned Twitter, where she received a warm welcome from stars like Kim Kardashian (“”OMG twitter has missed u soooo much) and Paris Hilton (who wrote “Welcome back #DemiLovato to Twitter! Yay! Much love to you, Demi! Xoxo.”). It’s a good sign that Lovato is back after her spell in rehab. Even if she doesn’t get back with Jonas, I’m sure she is fully capable of a dynamic comeback.



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  1. eww y joe he is soo ugly u should date nick cuzz is soo hot and joe is soo not.

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