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Morning Robot: Nate Dogg, Joe Jonas, Rebecca Black

Posted by on March 17, 2011 at 11:13 AM EST

joe jonasNate Dogg’s cause of death revealed, Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene call it quits and Rebecca Black’s music video goes diamond…on YouTube.

Nate Dogg died yesterday at 41-years-old and people were wondering what the cause of death was. His manager has now revealed what happened to the rapper and why he is dead. Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene break up rumors run wild. Will Demi Lovato go back to Mr. Jonas Brothers? The pop music disaster Rebecca Black has received over 12 million views on her YouTube video for “Friday.”

Rapper Nate Dogg died yesterday and people immediately wanted to know what the cause of his death was. We have now learned that his death was due to complications from two previous strokes. It sucks that Nate Dogg is dead but his memory will live on forever. REGULATORS!

Jonas Brothers member, Joe Jonas has split up with Ashley Greene (Twilight) according to the latest internet rumors. Supposedly their busy schedules are the reasoning for the break up and it was a mutual decision. I tend not to believe internet rumors as they are almost always false but maybe Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene really did break up. Do you think Demi Lovato will try and get back with Joe?

The internet sensation disaster Rebecca Black is doing pretty good for herself despite all of the public bashing. Black, who released the AWFUL music video “Friday” last week, has received over 12 million views on YouTube! It looks like all of the negativity has actually been good publicity as Rebecca Black has become a well-known name around the internet.  I look forward to laughing at the next single she attempts to release; should be quite entertaining.



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