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Top Chef DC Final Four Head To Singapore Tonight On Bravo

Posted by on September 8, 2010 at 3:10 PM EST

top chef dc singapore finaleTop Chef DC heads to Singapore tonight to begin its final episodes, with the final four chefs tonight on Bravo.

This season of Top Chef in DC has brought us space food, spies, ballpark food, missing pea purees and of course our favorite judges, Tom Colicchio, Padma Lakshmi, Gail Simmons and Eric Ripert.

Tonight, the remaining 4 cheftestants of Top Chef DC will head to Singapore for the first of two season finale episodes. While it is unaware as to what is in store for Kelly Liken, Ed Cotton, Angelo Sosa and Kevin Sbraga as they head to Singapore for the final two episodes of Top Chef Season 7. This will mark the first time that the cheftestants have left American soil in pursuit of the title of Top Chef and the grand prize of $125,000 brought furnished by Dial Nutriskin.

While I have been admittedly disappointed with season 7 of Top Chef in DC, I am pleased with the four chefs that are in the final four. Each of the four contestants heading to Singapore has definitely been the cooks to shine this season on Top Chef DC. Maybe the only person I would swap with a cheftestanst who has been voted off is Kevin. I would have rather seen Kenny in the final four just because the bitter rivalry between him and Angelo was quite entertaining to watch.

Angelo Sosa sort of fell to pieces after Kenny was voted off, but he managed to come back strong and wind up with a plane ticket to Singapore. As flamboyant and overly obsessed with his Russian mail-order bride as the man is, he can sure cook with a certain finesse that only a professional can obtain.

Ed Cotton whose soul mate, Tiffany was voted off last week has his eyes set on that grand prize. While he may have been the dude who was fooling around with a woman who is engaged, he is also quite the chef. Top Chef DC as with any other reality show on TV needed some drama and the whole Ed and Tiffany debacle was just that, DRAMA!

Kevin Sbraga, who I don’t think should still be on Top Chef DC has somehow made it to the Singapore final four. I really hope he goes home tonight as I find him rather annoying and talent less.

Last but not least we have Kelly Liken, who I am picking to win the whole thing, has consistently produced stellar dishes on this Top Chef Season 7. I wish Kelly the best of luck over in Singapore and hope she makes it to the final three and goes on to win Top Chef DC.

Tune in tonight as the final four contestants of Top Chef DC head to Singapore at 10/9c on Bravo.



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