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American Idol Preview – Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Posted by on March 16, 2011 at 3:51 PM EST

american idol 2011 previewTop 12 finalists perform songs from the year they were born on American Idol 2011.

Tonight, the American Idol Top 12 contestants will be performing their favorite songs from the year they were born.  Man, these shows make me feel really old!  The American Idol 2011 contestants get to pick from a song book that contains songs from the year in which they were born.  We’ll be dipping into the 90’s for some of these contestants!  WOW!  That was pretty much yesterday for me.  Here’s a list of the contestants and the year they were born:

1980’s – Jacob Lusk (1987), James Durbin (1989), Karen Rodriguez (1989), Naima Adedapo (1984), Paul McDonald (1984), Pia Toscano (1988), Stefano Langone (1989).

1990’s – Casey Abrams (1991), Haley Reinhart (1991), Lauren Alaina (1994), Scotty McCreery (1993), and last but not least, the baby of them all, Thia Megia (1995).

Some of these American Idol 2011 contestants are old enough to be my kids.  Again, freaky for me!  However, that said, should bring a lot of good music to the table.  We are talking songs from back in my day!

American Idol has banned audience members from any rehearsals.  Looks like they caught on to spoilers!  So there doesn’t seem to be any song lists for tonight’s show out there.  Who do you think will come out shining and who will flop?  Who will give another strong performance?  Jacob Lusk has a lot to choose from 1987.  James Durbin has a lot of 1989 as well.  A lot of songs in that era suit their vocal styles.  Be sure to check back tomorrow for a recap of tonight’s American Idol 2011 show.



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