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Morning Robot: Raymond Davis, Nate Dogg, Seann William Scott

Posted by on March 16, 2011 at 10:48 AM EST

seann william scottSeann William Scott enters rehab, Nate Dogg dies and Raymond Davis is freed from prison.

Nate Dogg dies at the age of 41-years-old as fans of the rapper mourn his death with the Twitter trend RIP Nate Dogg. Seann William Scott checks into a rehab facility for health and personal issues (much like the excuse of Demi Lovato). Raymond Davis (CIA Assassin) was released from jail after paying off the families of the two men he killed…justice well served.

Perhaps the most shocking news of today is the fact that Nate Dogg is dead. The iconic rapper was pretty damn young (41) and the exact cause of his death has not been released. If you follow Nate Dogg at all, you would know his health has not been the best. Within the past couple years Nate Dogg has had a few strokes so that may very well be what killed him. People in the music industry are already expressing their respects to the legendary rapper…Rest in Peace Nate Dogg.

CIA Assassin Raymond Davis has been released from a Pakistan prison following the murder of two men. Of course Davis was freed after a LARGE sum of money was paid to the families of the two men he killed. Nothing like $1 million in cold hard cash to forget about someone’s death…right? Raymond Davis had been in prison in Pakistan since January. After a failed attempt at the “diplomat” card, the U.S. turned to what ALWAYS works…money. There you have it; Raymond Davis kills two people, pays off the families and is free to go.

Last but not least this morning is Seann William Scott entering rehab. Much like the Disney star Demi Lovato, Scott has entered a treatment facility on his own terms. Seann is seeking medical help for “personal and health issues” which seems to be the celebrities go to excuse for rehab. Regardless of the reasoning, we hope Seann William Scott gets better soon!



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