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NFL Lockout, Charlie Sheen and Chicken Wings

Posted by on March 15, 2011 at 5:39 PM EST

nfl chicken wingsThe NFL Lockout is trumped by Charlie Sheen; save the Chicken Wings!

The web has gone crazy over Charlie Sheen, which has been distracting from the news surrounding the NFL lockout. What will Charlie Sheen do next? Will his Twitter following escalate to over 3 million? Will he tire of “winning?” NFL lockout? What’s that?

But for diehard football fans, the NFL lockout is a very real thing. The draft is really the change teams have to look forward to, right now. But according to NY Giants co-owner John Mara, there is still hope.

In Mara’s own words, “I remain optimistic because I believe that we can make a deal that is fair for both sides…Both sides have to be willing to sit down across the bargaining table. We are willing to do that right now.”

Perhaps the NFL needs to be reminded that there’s more at stake than what immediately affects players and owners. There are little guys that are depending on the NFL to pull through. Little guys like Joe Sanderson, chicken producer. According to Sanderson, “It would be very bad for chicken wings and I don’t know to what extent it would be bad for other products they sell in those watering holes or sports bars.”

C’mon sports guys. Do it for the wings.



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