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Adrian Peterson NFL Lockout Greed

Posted by on March 15, 2011 at 3:07 PM EST

adrian peterson nfl lockoutAdrian Peterson talks about the NFL Lockout; compares to slavery.

Adrian Peterson is not helping the whole NFL Lockout with his recent comments on the SPORT of football. Peterson has gone on record comparing his job to that of a slave. I agree the team owners make a crap load more money than the players and that isn’t really right but Peterson is just a moron for his comment. Slavery? Get the hell out of here, your salary is close to $11 million and you’re going to sit here and bitch? Everyone wonders why there is an NFL Lockout, Adrian Peterson is a prime example.

I am sorry but Adrian Peterson, you are a greedy piece of crap. For you to even have the audacity of comparing football and the NFL to slavery is just ridiculous and you should be ashamed of yourself. We all know you are talented but weren’t you injured for most of last season…yet your are going to complain about making more money. Hopefully this NFL Lockout gets worked out but with Adrian Peterson making stupid comments like the one about “slavery,” it doesn’t look good.



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