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Casey Abrams Quits American Idol 2011

Posted by on March 15, 2011 at 2:47 PM EST

casey abrams quitsWill Casey Abrams be forced from the American Idol 2011 competition due to illness?

Casey Abrams was not there for the March 10th American Idol 2011 elimination show.  It left America wondering what was going on with the Idol contestant; did he quit?  Ryan Seacrest only said that he was at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center and didn’t reveal anything further about his condition or why he was there.  Abrams, 20 years old, made an appearance at the 28th Annual Paley Television Festival event held in Beverly Hills the other night and has reportedly said that he is feeling really good.  The red headed contestant seemed to be paler than normal.  There are unconfirmed rumors spreading that Casey Abrams may be suffering from an infection in his lower intestine and colon.  No one from the show has confirmed this.

Everyone is hoping that Casey Abrams recovers, but as far as his future on the show, it’s up to America.  Could it be nerves that are getting the best of Abrams?  He always appears cool, calm and collected to me.

In other Idol news, is Judge Randy Jackson getting a bad wrap now?  America’s favorite dawg has been getting labeled as the mean American Idol 2011 judge.  But reps say this is not something Randy wants to be known as.  He has always been honest in the past.  Simon Cowell would be the brunt and brutally honest judge, Paula Abdul would be the sweet and drunk judge, and Randy Jackson would be somewhere in the middle.  Now that Idol has Jennifer Lopez, and Steven Tyler, is this putting Randy in a bad light?

I like Randy’s style.  He is honest.  And you can be honest without being rude.  Look, this is a competition.  If you don’t want to hear honesty or criticism, then don’t participate in the competition.  Right?



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  1. so Laurens song choice tonight promotes violence? ie shooting an abusive partner ?? what are we allowing our children to be exposed to on American Idol.?..seems it;s promoting sex and violence a lot more now sorry ..im not interested any more …I was watching for the MUSICAL talent ……

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