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Japan Tsunami YouTube Video: Thanks God, Blames Atheists

Posted by on March 15, 2011 at 1:46 PM EST

japan tsunami youtubeSome crazy girl took to YouTube to THANK GOD for the Japan Tsunami.

YouTube videos really bring out the “crazy” in people as a girl has uploaded a video thanking god for the recent Japan Tsunami. According to this crazy YouTube user, GOD is the reasoning behind the recent Japan Tsunami / Earthquake and it was a form of punishment for the Atheists…right. I am guessing that this girl forgot to take her meds and somehow managed to work a webcam. Since posting the initial video she has deleted her account but not before we got a hold of the controversial religious rant. The recent Alexandra Wallace (UCLA) rant is one thing but this chick has just gone too far.

The Japan Tsunami was not a sign from GOD to punish the Atheists you freaking nut job. It saddens me that people like you waste the air that we breathe and then have the nerve to go on YouTube and THANK god for a horrific tragedy. Do us all a favor and drink the kool-aid prematurely, we don’t need your craziness in the world. Anyways, I figured you would all like to see this nutjob make her public rant on how GOD made the Japan Tsunami happen to punish the Atheists.

Here is the YouTube video in which the crazy girl thanks god for the recent Japan Earthquake and says she cant wait for America and Europe…which are next:



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  1. Yes, I agree that’s nutty, but the truth is she’s probably some 12 year old troll who thought this was funny, then got scared and took it down.

    Also, I hate to say this Tim, but while you are complaining about the “problem”, YOU are actually the one creating the problem. Why? Because that girl took her video down. Look around, she’s no where to be found. Which means, she got it. She got that it was a bad idea.

    So the problem would normally resolve itself. But there is this blog posting information about it (that’s how I found it), the youtube owner, and now on youtube there are 3 posters of that video. Pretty soon it will be 50, then 100 and so on.

    People post that video, then wait for their views and responses to come in even though it’s not their video.

    At this point, it’s out of the girls hands as she already tried to delete it. The way this should be is that you write this up in response to HER video and talk about it. But if she deletes it, that’s that. Unfortunately that’s not how it works. So I partially blame OTHER people for spreading this stupid, troll job, message around. And no, I don’t think she 100% believes it.

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