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YouTube Videos: Rebecca Black, Alexandra Wallace

Posted by on March 15, 2011 at 2:31 PM EST

youtube videosAlexandra Wallace and Rebecca Black have become famous due to their YouTube videos.

YouTube Videos posted by Rebecca Black and Alexandra Wallace have made both girls overnight celebrities. These two young ladies are the perfect example of what no common sense and access to a YouTube account can get you. Of course the subjects of their videos are completely different and by no means are either of these girls an actual “celebrity”  but neither is Kim Kardashian if you want to go down that road.

The topic of the YouTube Videos that star Rebecca Black and Alexandra Wallace have caught the attention of millions. For Black, Friday she uploaded a music video for a single entitled “Friday.” The company Ark Music Factory produces “cookie cutter” music videos for those who want to become a super star. All you need is a lot of money and bam, instant internet sensation. Of course Rebecca Black and her music video is AWFUL and it has made her the laughing stock of the internet for the past few days. [view “Friday” YouTube video now]

On the other end of the YouTube Videos spectrum is Alexandra Wallace and her recent rant. The UCLA student took to her YouTube account to criticize the “hordes of asians” that make up the UCLA campus. During her rant, Alexandra expresses her disgust at the Asians who are using their cellphones while she is studying in the library. It’s not like they are calling home to check out there families, post Japan Tsunami…that is just an excuse. Well, that’s what Alexandra Wallace believes. I agree that her YouTube Video is offensive but she does not threaten anyone in it, she is just voicing her opinion…something that is very legal in the United States. For UCLA to suspend / expell Wallace would be a direct violation of her rights to Freedom of Speech. Plus, Alexandra Wallace has already publicly apologized so how about we move on and deal with more important issues. [Watch the Wallace YouTube Rant Video Now]



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