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Morning Robot: Alexandra Wallace, Chantal O’Brien, Snooki

Posted by on March 15, 2011 at 11:39 AM EST

alexandra wallaceSnooki makes her WWE debut, Alexandra Wallace hates Asians and Chantal O’Brien gets dumped.

What a busy morning today (Tuesday March 15, 2011) has been with Alexandra Wallace ranting about her hatred for Asians. Amidst that drama, Chantal O’Brien was dumped by Brad Womack on The Bachelor finale last night. To top it all off, the oompa loompa from Jersey Shore, Snooki (Nicole Polizzi) made her wrestling debut last night on WWE Raw. Let’s begin with this utter shit storm of news with the Japan Tsunami debacle.

UCLA student Alexandra Wallace has become famous and not for good reasoning. A few days after the horrific Japan Tsunami / Earthquake, Wallace took to YouTube to broadcast her personal vendetta against…ASIANS. The viral video “Asians at the Library” is offensive, I completely agree. That being said, Alexandra Wallace is exercising her right to freedom of speech and should NOT be suspended / expelled. If any action should be brought against someone, it should be to the people who are sending her death threats like idiots. Like I said, I don’t agree with the timing of Wallace’s Asian rant but don’t feel like she should be crucified for it either. [YouTube video below]

Let’s move on to a little lighter news regarding Chantal O’Brien, shall we? Last night The Bachelor season finale aired and Brad Womack had to “pick” his fiancé. No, it’s not a show about mail-order brides; it’s a stupid ass reality show in which some loser guy picks who he wants to marry. Anyways, Chantal O’Brien was dumped on camera as Brad Womack proposed to Emily Maynard. Boo Hoo, Chantal you were dumped on national television; I really hope you are proud of yourself. You deserve it for even being on that dumb reality show…no sympathy from me. Anyways, the marriage between you and Brad Womack wouldn’t have lasted long anyways. I give Brad and Emily Maynard 2 years, tops.

Last but not least is everyone’s favorite orange midget, Snooki. Nicole Polizzi who stars on MTV’s Jersey Shore entered the WWE ring last night for her wrestling debut. Yes, it was as horrible to watch as it sounds. Snooki did some ridiculous wrestling moves, including a flying crotch to the face of another female wrestler. Hopefully the dunked that wrestler’s face in disinfectant after the match because who knows where Snooki’s snatch has been.



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