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Celebrity Apprentice 2011: Richard Hatch is Winning

Posted by on March 14, 2011 at 7:52 PM EST

richard hatch winningWill Richard Hatch be the winner of Celebrity Apprentice?

Richard Hatch is either the dumbest man on the planet or the most arrogant. Perhaps he is a combination of both. Whichever it is, it has cost him and he will now be going back to jail. If you are watching the new season of Celebrity Apprentice which just started a few weeks ago (so far the two episodes they have had have both been really good) you saw Hatch in action in the first episode as his team’s project manager and he was a complete utter jackass to everyone on the team. Somehow the Survivor winner survived the first board room, but he didn’t survive the judge.

Richard Hatch was sentenced to nine months in prison on Friday when a judge found that he had not fulfilled the terms of his supervised releases (for those of us who are not celebrities or on TV we call it parole). Hatch’s original act of brilliance came back in 2001 when he was the winner of the first season of Survivor. He neglected to claim about $1.3 million in income on his taxes claiming that the network told him they would pay the taxes on his Survivor prize and I guess he just assumed some kind of magical tax fairies would handle the taxes for the other $300K+ that he earned for appearances. He was found guilty of tax evasion and served three years in prison. He did split the time between prison and house arrest, but he still did three years.

He was now out on 26 months of parole (no I won’t be calling it supervised release again) and part of that parole was that he had to file amended returns for the years he lied on and make arrangements to pay the more than $2million in back taxes he owes. Of course, as you have probably surmised by now, Richard Hatch has done none of that. Instead he is busy going on Celebrity Apprentice to earn money for charity. Here’s the thing that some celebs need to figure out (and this goes for you too NeNe – also on Celebrity Apprentice). If you are broke and looking at jail time because you owe back taxes or if you were recently evicted from your house and are declaring bankruptcy you need to get a freaking job! Don’t go on TV and try to win money for charity while trying in the process to get another eight minutes of fame. Get a job! Pay your bills! Put together a plan that has you living like a responsible adult then maybe think about going back on TV.

Richard Hatch obviously didn’t do that and now he is going back to prison for 9 more months. He claims he has done everything he could to make the situation right, but that everything includes apparently doing nothing and ignoring the court orders and now he is paying for it. He claims all of this is because he is gay. Richard, nobody cares if you are gay. Like most people in prison you are going there because you are stupid. Maybe this time you will get the message.



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