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Tyra Banks: America’s Next Top Graduate

Posted by on March 14, 2011 at 7:30 PM EST

tyra banksThis one might need to be filed under the annoying and obnoxious category. Tyra Banks has decided to attend Harvard Business School.

Now I give Tyra Banks all the props in the world. She was discovered as a model at 17 and quickly became famous from it. Unlike most models who ride the gravy train for all it is worth for as long as they can, Tyra was not happy just being a pretty face and a model. She started a talk show that is very successful and she started a successful TV franchise with America’s Next Top Model. While America’s Next Top Model really hasn’t actually found a model that has gone on to do much of anything (Adrianne Curry who won the first year is probably the best known of them all), it is still a show that gets ratings. Tyra has turned her modeling career into a $30 million plus media empire. Now Banks wants to be a Lawyer?

So now Tyra Banks has decided to enroll in Harvard Business School’s Owner/President Management Program which consists of three annual intense three week sessions. So it isn’t really going to school so much as it is taking a three week high impact course once per year for the next three years. She claims it is to help her learn how to better reach and serve women, but I have a feeling it is to better learn how to separate those women from their money.

I don’t want to sound bitter – like I say I give her props for developing what she has – but Tyra Banks can annoy me. She goes on her show and talks about how you have to love yourself and accept yourself no matter what you look like because it doesn’t matter what you look like. Then she has a picture of her snapped on the beach that had her looking more like Oprah and less like a model and she immediate hits the gym, loses 10-15 pounds then goes on her show to prove that the pictures were inaccurate. It is disingenuous. She also talks about how a woman’s worth is not tied to her looks, yet makes a show about modeling where we watch girls cry, destroy their relationships and be told over and over how modeling is more than just being good looking only to see the hottest girl win.

So great, Tyra Banks wants to go to Harvard and take these courses and that is all good. Just do it and say it is to help make your company better, don’t tell me it is so you can better reach and service women’s needs. When she says that it just comes off as obnoxious and makes me feel like she is very much out of touch with the real world.



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