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Petra Nemcova: Japan Tsunami Death Toll

Posted by on March 14, 2011 at 6:28 PM EST

japan tsunami petra nemcovaPetra Nemcova hit hard by Japan Tsunami and its death toll.

Petra Nemcova is more than just a pretty face. She is a survivor and as such she was shaken to her core and pulled into action as the waters of the recent Japan Tsunami which destroyed everything in their wake, crashed ashore. Nemcova thinks the death toll over in Japan should have been a lot lower, had proper alert systems been in place.

In 2004 Petra Nemcova and her boyfriend were on vacation in Thailand when the tsunami that killed over 150,000 people hit. Petra survived by clinging to a tree for more than eight hours, but she saw her boyfriend pulled under and killed. She suffered multiple injuries and was eventually rescued. She was so badly injured that it took her almost a month in the hospital just to be able to sit up using her own power and she was on crutches for a long time as she made her recovery.

Now Petra Nemcova is a member of the next season of Dancing with the Stars. She was in Los Angeles practicing when the news of the devastating earthquake and following tsunami hit. She actually considered leaving the show to help join the relief efforts, but had decided not to.

Nemcova has been helping push efforts for tsunami and disaster preparedness for countries that are in danger zones. She says some preparedness could have saved a lot of live in the recent Japan Tsunami. She also says that if there is one bright spot in all of this it is that a disaster can bring people together and connects us all.

Petra Nemcova is right. It is sad that it takes a tragedy like this to get people to set aside their differences and come together as a group. It is sadder yet that once the water recedes, the damage repaired and the dead buried most of us will go back to ignoring each other and living our lives just as we had before. If nothing else maybe now countries/cities will listen to someone like Nemcova and put a little time, effort and money into a preparedness curriculum that could go a long ways towards saving people’s lives in the event of a disaster like that which we are currently witnessing in Japan.

Yes, Petra Nemcova is a pretty face. But she knows first-hand what survival is all about and she has a very important message for our leaders if they are willing to listen. It’s such a shame that the Japan Tsunami had to happen for attention to be brought upon the situation.



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