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Lindsay Lohan: Like a Nuclear Meltdown

Posted by on March 14, 2011 at 5:09 PM EST

lindsay lohan meltdownLindsay Lohan’s life is like the Nuclear Meltdown in Japan.

Actress and Jewel Thief Extraordinaire Lindsay Lohan arrived in New York, recently, for some much-needed de-stressing. Lohan intended to relax, but plans were averted when she was mauled by a clan of pop-frenzied paparazzi. Lindsay tweeted about the onslaught, claiming to have suffered from a panic attack.

These Lohan headlines coincide with headlines about the very real crisis in Japan right now, post-earthquake and tsunami. There has even been talk about nuclear meltdown, which would prove disastrous; however, scientists have said the situation is under control. Unfortunately, Lindsay Lohan is not under control. She is very much out-of-control. So how did it get to this point?

Lohan had a tough start, as she started out as a child fashion model. The fashion industry is, of course, very demanding, and certainly a lot for a child to process. In 1998, she had her big break as she starred in Disney’s “The Parent Trap,” which gained her a lot of success. Lindsay Lohan continued to shine as she starred alongside Jamie Lee Curtis in “Freaky Friday,” for which she won MTV’s “Breakthrough Performance” award. The peak of Lindsay’s career was undoubtedly “Mean Girls,” which earned the red-haired star critical acclaim.

After Mean Girls, the paparazzi wouldn’t let go of Lindsay Lohan. Shortly after, while shooting Herbie: Fully Loaded, Lohan was hospitalized due to a kidney infection brought on by stress. This small incident appears to be the catalyst for a series of negative events that eventually led to the disintegration of Lindsay’s career. Drunk driving, anorexia, stealing a pricey necklace. Sometimes one small mistake can snowball into much worse. Lohan potentially faces up to a year in jail. Could this be the rock bottom that Lohan needs to begin her ascent?



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