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Celebrity Apprentice Recap – Monday March 14, 2011

Posted by on March 14, 2011 at 10:41 AM EST

lisa rinna celebrity apprenticeA recap of last night’s Celebrity Apprentice 2011 episode.

Last night’s new episode of Celebrity Apprentice started with Star Jones presenting the check for her team’s win last week to her charity. The two teams then meet Donald Trump and his two sons in front of Madison Square Garden where he explains this week’s task. The teams will write, design and illustrate a children’s book. They will then perform that book as a play in front of an audience of 4-5 year old kids. Meat Loaf steps up as the men’s project manager. His charity is all about helping kids so he feels connected to the project. The women all pressure Lisa Rinna. She doesn’t want to do it, but they pressure her and she relents to be project manager.

The teams then retire to their offices to brainstorm. They are told that they must use one of the members of their team as the main character of the story. The men quickly decide that Lil Jon will be their main character. He will start out as a nerd who gets picked on and by the end of the story he will rise up as a superstar. The women have a lot of trouble keeping it simple. They decide that La Toya Jackson will be a lion that can’t roar. From there they are all over the place. They suggest that she meet a deaf lion and others suggest she learn self-worth to overcome her shyness. Niki Taylor is the only voice of reason when she points out that 4-5 year olds are normally not shy and that they won’t get the deep meaning. Eventually Dionne Warwick forces her idea on the group and Star Jones basically writes the text. On the men’s side the writing is going much smoother. John Rich comes up with a few lines and then tells them all to jump in with ideas, but to make it like a country song with big ideas smashed down into small, simple sentences. Mark McGrath is shot out of cannon and has some great ideas. He seems really into this Celebrity Apprentice challenge.

Meat Loaf is somewhat of a nervous wreck as project manager. He sends Jose Canseco and Gary Busey (who is still a mess and impossible to manage – I can’t wait for him to be project manager) to pick up the props and deliver them to the practice stage. The combination of a mix up in location, a dead cell phone battery and the person they were supposed to meet not being there has them frustrated. Meat Loaf really feels he is losing this challenge for his team.

The women seem to be at each other’s throats. NeNe, who is hysterical in her commentary, admits that they threw Lisa to the wolves here because they knew she couldn’t handle it. She does make some decisions but only after the Celebrity Apprentice group forces her to choose sides on ideas. When the women get to the rehearsal space Dionne starts writing music and changing things up again. Lisa says she feels like she is on the Titanic as it goes down.

At the performance the women go first and they pull it off very well. The have good costumes, Lisa does a great job narrating and they even weave in a joke for the adults. They were pretty good. The men were also good. Jose Conseco in high heels as a female teacher was hysterical and while he isn’t an actor he does a decent job. When it comes to the actual book, the men’s is clearly better. The women’s isn’t bad, but the judges say the font is too small and the theme (just as Niki Taylor suggested) is too complex. Then men caught a little criticism for their show, but still run away with the win and Meat Loaf’s charity gets $20,000. Trump tells them that Celebrity Apprentice will publish the book and all the money it earns will also go to the charity.

After the men leave, most of the women pile on Lisa about being a bad project manager. She is smart enough to point out that after everything was done that Star and Dionne wanted their names printed on the book as the authors instead of just the team name. Lisa didn’t let them do that and put the team name instead. A few people, including Marlee Matlin say they would fire Dionne because she talks down to people and tries to intimidate people. Niki also points out that Dionne shot her down when she tried to simplify the book’s story. After some debate Star, Dionne and Lisa are left in the boardroom and Star tears Lisa apart. It is clear that star was a lawyer because she dissects Lisa who admits that she needs to learn some things, but that she did the best she could. Don Trump Jr. points out to her that she should be dragging both Dionne and Star under the bus because 75% of this project was the book and those two were responsible for the failure of a book. Lisa can’t pull it all together and, honestly, I get the feeling she is just too nice of a person to fight dirty like this. In the end Donald Trump fires Lisa Rinna and now the men’s and women’s teams are even again.



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